Milestone reached: 250 group entries!

After adding a total number of 27 new taiko groups from a list, we have now exceeded a total of 250 entries in the database! I would also like to extend my thanks to Cairns Taiko for the list of Australian taiko teams.

The following groups were recently added:

Canada (2)

  • Isshin Daiko
  • Oto-wa Taiko

Brazil (10)

  • Todoroki Taiko
  • Sakura Fukuki Wadaiko
  • Tange Setsuko Taiko Dojo
  • Fukuhaku Taiko
  • Shimadaiko
  • Kyowa Daiko
  • Wakadaiko Maringá Acema
  • Yooshin Daiko
  • Mugenkyo Bauru Wadaiko
  • Grupo Cultural Wadō

Australia (13)

  • TaikOz Brisbane
  • Cairns Taiko
  • Wadaiko Shō 和太鼓 翔
  • Batari
  • Taiko Drum Tasmania University Union Taiko Society
  • Toko-ton Daiko
  • Matsuri Taiko
  • Stonewave Taiko
  • A.YA
  • Kaze No Ko Japanese Drumming Perth
  • Eltambo Taiko
  • Taiko On 太鼓音
  • PCYC Launceston Show Taiks

Germany (1)

  • Natsumi Taiko e.V.

Spain (1)

  • Kamidaiko


Admin and creator of the Wadaiko Toshokan project.


  1. You’re welcome!
    We are also aware of other groups in Australia that do not have websites… will let you know when/if we hear they are going public. 😀

    • Thanks again!

      Please let me know when groups go public or new groups constitute themselves. I will add them to the map immediately 🙂

      • performances of Kodo, tonight is the ouroptpnity to see them at the CSO. I had the pleasure of interviewing Company Manager Jun Akimoto and learning more about their unique philosophy and lifestyle. Hoy es

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