Wadaiko Toshokan 和太鼓図書館 stands for “Japanese Taiko Library”.

As such, this site is an ongoing project that strives to collect, sort and present all kinds of useful information about everything there is to know about Japanese taiko drumming.

Check out our group map for info about taiko groups all over the globe!

If you find something that’s broken, or if you would like to suggest an improvement or discuss something, just write a comment on the corresponding page, or send a mail totaiko@arsnipponica.de! We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


  1. Hi Wadaiko Toshokan Team.
    Your website looks interesting and I hope – the Taiko Fans in Germany/Europe like your website and you service more and more – if your website is every time actual – but I have a good feeling! -:)

    I miss 2 of the best Taiko-Groups in Germany and Europe on your website.
    1. Wadokyo is the only professional group in Germany and one of the best group in Europe. http://www.wadokyo.de. Very modern and powerfull!

    2. Tentekko ist the oldest and first Taiko-Group in Germany – since 1989. (Traditional style) https://www.kaiser-drums.de/tentai.htm

    Id would be nice, if you can put these 2 important groups to your database/TaikoMap

    What is your plans for the future about your website?

    Thanks in advance and best regards from Germany
    Klaus Kaiser / KAISER DRUMS ®

    • Hello Klaus,

      thank you very much for your comment! I did a quick check – Wadokyo is already listed in the database, but Tentekko indeed needs to be entered. I have already sent an email to you about the matter.

      As for our plans – well, we still have a lot to learn about the technology this site is running on, and there are always more groups to add to our list 🙂


      and kind regards from Germany as well 🙂

      Michael / WadaikoToshokan.com

  2. Hello there
    Thanks for getting this site up and running!
    Could you please move Taiko Meantime’s location to Greenwich, as this is where we are based.
    Many thanks

  3. Hi Michael,
    Has the database for the map been cleared? It use to be the most complete map of the European tsiko scene. I hope the information can be restored. Please let me know if you need some support to maintain this project since you moved away. I know you put a lot of energy into it, so it would be a pity for the community if it fades away !

    • Hi Micha,

      The database relied on an old data format (Google Fusion Tables) that is no longer functionally available. I do have the data, but creating a new map would take time I currently do not have.

      I shared some of the dataset with Ben Pachter of the Taiko Community Alliance – they integrated it into their map. If their website still.has a map, the data on the European groups should be in there as well.

      Hope that helps,


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