This page lists vendors and onlineshops that sell taiko and taiko-related items.

Taiko Shops


United Kingdom




First name in the brackets is the city, the second is the prefecture.

Taiko Accessories

  • Taiko Jinsei (US): bachi bags, katsugi okedo daiko shoulder straps, sewing patterns for happi and bachi bags, drumhead pads
  • Taiko Mom (US): handmade bachi bags
  • Taiko Totes (US): bachi bags, taiko bags
  • Mn Taiko (US): taiko bags
  • Spooren Design (Germany): taiko bags and backpacks


  1. Grüß Gott! ( — .de? Sind Sie in Deutschland? Toll!)

    Wendy of Taiko Jinsei here. Huge thanks for the expanded listing! We do stock and custom shumoku (atarigane mallets) too. Small correction though, we don’t make drum bags. Our colleague firm, (check them out!) is a drum maker who offers drum bags. Taiko Jinsei though does make head pads for taiko.

    Bachi bags (stock and custom)
    Drumhead pads
    Shumoku (stock and custom)
    Katsugi okedo straps (stock and custom)
    And tons of free taiko stuff (sewing patterns, practice audio tracks and tips, and more!)

    Wir koennen auch deutsch sprechen. (…manchmal 🙂

    • Hey, thanks for the headsup! 😀
      I have corrected your entry, and added to the list. Please drop by again, and do give us a shout if you know of any other shops that are not in the list yet! Thanks!

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