Video Wednesday: Hiryu High School performance at the Mount Fuji Taiko Festival 2011

The Mount Fuji Taiko Festival has been a fixture in the Japanese taiko community for many years. In 2014 it will be held for the 29th time, and since the year 2010 it also includes a High School contest in which the taiko clubs can show their skills and compete with each other.

On the 31st of July in 2011, the taiko club of the Hiryû High School from Numazu in Shizuoka prefecture competed in the contest with an absolutely stunning performance performance. Their performance included, among other instruments, the use of an Ôdaiko, a hira-daiko, several miya-daikos (or nagadô-daikos), okedô-daikos, a fue (bamboo flute) and, most prominently, three shime-daikos. Continue reading

Starting today: Video Wednesdays! First one: Kodô performance in Paris, March 2011

Starting today, we will be posting a video of one notable Taiko performance or Taiko-related activity every week.

And we will be kicking it off with what is probably one of the most acclaimed Taiko performances to be found on Youtube: A three-man Ôdaiko piece performed by Kodô during their One Earth Anniversary Tour at the end of March 2011 in Paris. Continue reading